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Company profile - ENGLISH version

ROSSI concern

The concern history began with creation in 1992 of the ROSSI joint-stock company taking its first steps in business in the direction of security system delivery, designing, installation and servicing during the difficult period of the new Russian state formation. The company not only grew and developed together with the market but also influenced its establishment and formation. Further, the ROSSI concern was formed based on this company and the concern area of interest included new business lines at each stage of its development.

The ROSSI concern now is a large company which possesses considerable assets, has a flexible form of government and a high level of management. The concernunites more than 10 subsidiary and affiliated companies which are closely interconnected from financial, technical and managerial points of view.

The ROSSI concern performs its activities in the following several directions:

Security systems. Security system delivery and installation. The companies incorporated into this division have distribution agreements including all-Russian exclusive ones with many world leaders in security equipment manufacturing.

Information security. Enterprise information security policy audit and development, as well as taking special measures directed on counteraction to espionage. Anti-terrorist equipment supply.

International logistics. The transport division has all necessary licenses and a vehicle park to provide international transportation for needs of both the companies incorporated into the concern and foreign customers.

Construction and real estate. Development and implementation of the projects connected with construction and office real estate management. Also, provision of construction works on objects of the companies incorporated into the concern.

Investment and finance. Investment activities and business organization in the area of new technologies, venture project administration.

Other activities. The division which includes non-core business companies. This direction covers the activities for Russian cuisine restaurant network development and other projects.